Future of Antitrust Podcast

The Future of Antitrust podcast provides audio recordings of webinars and selected conference events held throughout the series. Podcast episodes are available below and on all major hosting services, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.


Webinar #1: Debriefing on the American Innovation and Choice Online Act

June 28, 2022

In this webinar, panelists from academia and industry explore the terms of the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S.2992), a bill that would significantly change U.S. antitrust and competition law and policy.


Moderator: Clark Asay (BYU)

Panelists: Darren Bush (Univ. of Houston); Adam Kovacevich (Chamber of Progress); Katie McInnis (DuckDuckGo); Daniel Sokol (USC)


For those who would like to read a transcript of the discussion: Future of Antitrust Webinar 1 Transcript


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Webinar #2: The Past, Present, and Future of FTC Rulemaking

September 27, 2022

In this webinar, experts from academia and the private bar explore new developments in FTC rulemaking, which has important implications for the substance of antitrust law and policy in the United States.


Moderator: Professor Aaron Nielson (BYU)

Panelists: Svetlana Gans (Gibson Dunn); Gus Hurwitz (Univ. of Nebraska); and Henry Su (Bradley Arant)


For those who would like to read a transcript of the discussion: Future of Antitrust Webinar 2 Transcript


Conference: Tech Platforms in a New Age of Competition Law

October 21, 2022 | Westin City Center, Washington, D.C.


Large tech platforms hold significant influence over nearly every aspect of modern living, and antitrust enforcers across the globe have taken notice. Antitrust enforcers and even Congress have signaled an increased willingness to rein in Big Tech in a variety of ways. This conference brings together academics, practitioners, and policy markers to discuss this new age of competition law.


Fireside Chat: The Past, Present, and Future of the Antitrust Policy of Tech Platforms

Moderator: David Higbee (Shearman & Sterling)

Discussants: Diana Moss (American Antitrust Institute) and Bilal Sayyed (TechFreedom)



Panel 1: Antitrust Law and the Public Interest

Panelists: Elettra Bietti (NYU Law and Cornell Tech), Anupam Chander (Georgetown Law), Jonathan Mayer (Princeton), Christopher Sagers (Cleveland-Marshall)


Panel 2: Antitrust Law in a Digital Economy

Panelists: David Balan (Econ One), Erika Douglas (Temple Law), John Yun (George Mason)


Keynote: David Lawrence, Policy Director, DOJ Antitrust Division



Panel 3: Competition Law from the Trenches

Panelists: Mark Buse (Match.com), Amanda Reeves (Latham & Watkins), Ryan Shores (Shearman & Sterling), Paul Stancil (Orrick)


Concluding Remarks and Looking Ahead: Scott Hemphill (NYU Law)